Ateles Films have been using ‘remote controlled multirotor helicopter’ since 2008.

Our technology can be adapted for each environment and each work.
We fly over the sea, through the forests, following birds… There are no limitations or hard places.
Giving new perspectives is one of our goals.

Ateles Films contributed services as a Aerial Cinematographer for the following productions and stock libraries:

  • A Spider Moneky for Sale, Ateles Films – The Netherlands
  • A Wild Fox Life, Ateles Films – The Netherlands
  • The Age of Big Cats (Die Zeit der großen Katzen – Herrschaft), Ateles Films for Ammonite Films – The Netherlands
  • From Orphans to Freedom, Ateles Films (in Post-Production) – Guatemala
  • Return of the Spider Monkeys, Ateles Films, National Geographic Wild – Guatemala
  • All the Wild Horses – Documentary – Mongolia
  • Pyrenees Mountain, Ateles Films for NHK Japan – Spain
  • Planet Earth II, BBC Natural History Unit – Brazil & Guatemala
  • The Paternal Bond: Barbary Macaques,  Ateles Films for NHK Japan – Morocco
  • Holland – Natuur in de Delta, EMSFilms – The Netherlands
  • Natural World: Jungle Animal Hospital, BBC  – Guatemala
  • Barbary Macaques: Child caring is the man’s job, Ateles Films for NHK Japan – Morocco
  • Natuurbeelden, Beeld & Geluid – The Netherlands & Dutch Caribe
  • Living on the Edge – VARA & Vogelbescherming NL, Wildlife Documentary – Burkina Faso, Morocco
  • De Nieuwe Wildernis, Cinema Filmand 3 part TV Series (VARA) – The Netherlands
  • Oost Groningen Commercial – National Geographic – The Netherlands
  • BMW – Fullrunner Hybrid Event – Germany
  • L4 – Tranquillity (Music Video)
  •  Airborne Composites – Exhibition Reel
  • Chernobyl’s Radioactive Wolves – BBC, ORF NDR, PBS – Beularus

Ateles Films Coptercam in the media

in “Drones in Planet Earth II: Interview with Wildlife Filmmaker Michael Sanderson“, Skytango

About  Jungles (Planet Earth II)

“The crew even got rare footage of Araguaia river dolphins, who live in the flooded jungles of Brazil. The species was only discovered in 2014, and virtually nothing is known about them. But Napper and her crew — aided by a drone — were able to capture 15 minutes of footage the dolphins in murky water.”

(complete article here)


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