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“From orphans to freedom” follows the lives of various animals that are rescued from the illegal pet trade, such as parrots, monkeys, otters, crocodiles and big cats. This production shows the progress of each animal on their return to the wild as well as the daily routines of the staff and volunteers in the rescue center who make it happen. These original stories are told from an intimate perspective never seen before.

Delve into the lives of animals that lost everything, except the possibility to be free again.

About the filmmaker

Michael J. Sanderson is the author of “From orphans to freedom” which he has been developing since 2003. A unique and true story that Michael witnessed in first person. He shot, directed, produced, wrote and edited the film single-handedly. This production is also the inspiration for other productions Michael worked on for BBC and PBS.

Michael J. Sanderson is a strong advocate against exotic pets and the cuteness curse. His passion and determination for conservation makes him want to show the world what happens to stolen wildlife, destined to become a pet, even when saved. In this film, Michael delves deep into the problems of rehabilitating animals to return to the wild, showing where animals really belong, especially as babies. Do not expect to “want a wild pet” after this film.

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