Foundation Conservation Carpathia

Collaboration with Fundation Conservation Carpathia

Study into the economic and ecological potential of conservation enterprises to enhance the local economy, ecosystem services, and biodiversity in the Fagaras Mountains Natura 2000 site.

Project Description:

"Keeping vast wilderness areas in the Fagaras Mountains and socio-economic development sound like antagonistic concepts. Through this project we want to explore solutions, which allow a better life for local people and enhancing conservation of natural areas by so called, “green” businesses. Conservation enterprises or “green” businesses, are economic initiatives that use mostly renewable resources, they are managed by local people, creates jobs for locals and especially, supports conservation and biodiversity of the Fagaras Mountains. In November, we have discovered several such initiatives and we have recorded unique images captured over 8 days of travelling through the Fagaras Mountains Natura 2000 site. The filmteam from Ateles Films, Netherlands, will produce a short movie about this kind of enterprises, hoping the public will realize the benefits of such development." ©Carpathia-European Wilderness Reserve