Red Camera

Ateles Films uses Red cameras as their workhorse which offers a multitude of creative possibilities; combined with lenses we have owned for years, we can make smaller field packages to take in the field, reducing cost and burden of transporting equipment around the world.



Ateles Films also has extensive experience with multirotor helicopters, which add new perspectives to the filmmaking and story-telling process. It can go places we only dreamed of. The whole concept of lifting a camera into the sky requires minimal weight, meaning the CopterCam is a very light piece of kit and easy to transport around the world. Read more…


Macro cinematography

Ateles has developed a special “macro scope”, which uses the lenses from the main set we use on the Red to create a large depth of field, bug’s perspective of the world and themselves.


Stock Footage

Ateles Films has available a large archive of  footage in all formats. Discover our library. Read more…



Ateles Films has available wildlife titles for distribution. Discover our library. Read more…


Consulting Services

Ateles Films provide consulting in the following areas:

  • Cinematography
  • Storytelling
  • Animal behaviour
  • National parks, filming locations and traveling
  • Wildlife and Documentary Filmmaking
  • Media Technology and Aerials
  • Workshps and master classes


Contact us if you would like to receive detailed more information.