About Us

Founded in 2013, Ateles Films is a film and television production company, owned and run by

Michael Sanderson and Ana Luisa Santos.

Ana Luisa Santos & Michael Sanderson filming in Africa

Ateles Films focuses on wildlife, natural history and environmental topics for international markets. Michael and Ana Luisa, both with an engineering background, specialise in animal behaviour, story telling, long lens, macro, aerials and high speed. From development to final delivery to distribution of the film, they cover all phases of film production.

With experience in over 50 countries, Ateles Films delivers captivating stories, with beautiful imagery from intriguing angles of many different wildlife species. They do not make any distinctions in the animal kingdom as they believe that every species' story counts and should be told.

Ateles Films' productions have ranged from being about endangered bearded vultures high in the mountains, to the more common red fox in the wetlands, to spider monkeys brachiating through the jungle canopy.

The working languages of Ateles Films include English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Meet Us

Michael Sanderson, Founder

Ana Luisa Santos, Co-Owner

What is the origin of the Ateles Films' logo?

The name Ateles Films is inspired by the spider monkey of the genus Ateles which can be found in tropical forests from southern Mexico to Brazil in Central and South America. This genus contain seven known species, all of which are under threat. They have disproportionately long limbs and prehensile tails that make them one of the largest New World monkeys. One of the curiosities of this monkey is the fact they are missing a thumb.