Founded in 2013, Ateles Films is a film and television production company, owned and run by Michael Sanderson and Ana Luisa Santos, focusing on wildlife, natural history and environmental topics for international markets. Michael and Ana Luísa, both with an engineering background, specialise in animal behaviour, long lens, macro, aerials, high speed and all phases of production from development to final delivery and distribution of the film.

With experience in over 50 countries, we deliver captivating stories, with beautiful images from intriguing angles of species. We do not make any distinctions in the animal kingdom as we believe that every species’ story counts and should be told.  Our productions have ranged from being about endangered Bearded vultures high in the mountains, to the more common Red fox in the low lands and spider monkeys brachiating through the jungle canopy.



Michael J. Sanderson


Ana Luisa Santos