De Nieuwe Wildernis - Trailer
De Nieuwe Wildernis - Trailer
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English Title
The New Wilderness

Michael J. Sanderson – Cameraman/aerial cinematographer

Years of Production
2011 – 2013

Production Company
Produced by EMS Films (NL)

Release Dates

  • The Netherlands (Cinema): September 2013
  • The Netherlands (TV): 01 December 2013
  • Germany: 09 April 2015
  • Japan: 29 October 2016

Film Festival Awards

  • Best Dutch Film (winner): Rembrandt Awards 2014 (Netherlands)
  • Best Popular Film – Audience Award (winner): Gouden Kalf – Nederlands Film Festival 2014 (Netherlands)
  • Film Poster Award (winner): Nederlands Film Festival 2013 (Netherlands)
  • Gouden Film (cinema): for 100,000 visitors (Netherlands)
  • Platinum Film (cinema): for 400,000 visitors (Netherlands)

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The movie De Nieuwe Wildernis is set in the Oostvaardersplassen, a nature reserve of high standard in the Netherlands. The reserve has been developed in a location that 40 years ago was under sea level in one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Nowadays, it’s the stage for a unique nature show: the nature determines the rhythm.

The team of De Nieuwe Wildernis filmed in the Oostvaardersplassen over a period of two years. The result is a nature film never seen in the Netherlands before. It is a nature spectacle! The film features Konik horses, Red Deer, Foxes and Heck cattle, just to name a few, battling for new territories and survival.

A new wilderness has started. It is a paradise in the spring and summer times, but in the winter it transforms into a grim landscape. The food is scarce and the inhabitants of the new wilderness have to make vital life decisions. Only the strongest survive. De Nieuwe Wildernis captures the circle of life in this unique landscape.


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