Age of Big Cats

Age of Big Cats: World Domination

German title: Die Zeit der großen Katzen – Herrschaft
Length: 3 x 52 min
Year of Production: 2018

Michael Sanderson
Location Manager:
Ana Luisa Santos

Production: Ammonite Films for Terra Mater, CuriosityStream, CCTV-9, NHK

Distributed by:

Broadcast dates:

2018 September 26, Servus TV (Austria)
2018 September 01, Curiosity Stream (USA)


In this unprecedented series, recent scientific discoveries shed new light on the extraordinary prehistory of big cats.

World Domination

Sabre tooth cats utterly dominated unchallenged, even by other felines. During the Pleistocene, early lions developed their success formula (in Africa), sprint-based social hunting mainly nocturnal, in order to defend themselves against that huge adversary and avoid its daytime competition. The arrival of Prehistoric humanoids ended the age of the saber tooth, which they hunted into extinction. Lions survived and took over as top cats, all over the old world, except in the Asian jungles and high grass lands. There the larger, solitary tiger rules supreme in large individual territories, specialized in stealth around drinking sites and with more stamina. Their nocturnal hunts may have started to avoid humanoids. In America the hole lion survived longer, leading to a different feline fauna.

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Behind of the Scenes