Netherland’s Great Reclaimed Land – Darwin’s Amazing Animals

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Darwins Amazing Animals: Netherland's Great Reclaimed Land: A Test of Wisdom Between Foxes & Geese

Japanese Title: 「オランダ大干拓地 キツネとガンの知恵くらべ」

Length: 1 x 25 min
Format: HD
Years of Production: 2022

Ana Luisa Santos

Michael Sanderson

Ateles Films

Co-Production & Client:

Premiere Broadcast

NHK G: 22 January 2023 @ 19:30
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「オランダ大干拓地 キツネとガンの知恵くらべ」

初回放送日: 2023年1月22日

生きものがひしめき合うオランダの巨大干拓地で、キツネとガンが知恵比べ!?食事中にキツネに襲われるヒナたち。絶体絶命の中、ある驚きの方法で大ピンチを切り抜けた! オランダの首都・アムステルダム近郊に不思議な生きものの楽園がある。かつて干拓工事が中断し、放置された広大な土地にたくさんの鳥が集まり、やがてそれを獲物とする動物たちもやって来て暮らすようになったのだ。春、干拓地では水鳥のガンと天敵のキツネが攻防を繰り広げる。まだ飛べないガンのヒナを追うキツネ。一方ヒナは「死んだふり」にも見える驚きの行動で攻撃をかわす。人が作った大地を舞台に命のドラマに密着する。

1月22日(日)午後7:30 ほか 放送予定へ

"Netherland's Great Reclaimed Land: A Test of Wisdom Between Foxes & Geese"

First broadcast date: January 22, 2023

In a huge reclaimed land in the Netherlands where living things are crowded together, a fox and a goose compare their wits! ? Chicks attacked by foxes while eating. In a desperate situation, I survived a big pinch with a surprising method! There is a paradise of strange creatures near Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. Once land reclamation work was suspended, many birds gathered in the vast abandoned land, and eventually animals that preyed on them came to live there. In spring, waterfowl geese and natural enemies foxes fight off and defend in the reclaimed land. A fox chasing a young geese that cannot yet fly. On the other hand, Hina dodges the attack with a surprising action that looks like "pretending to be dead". Set in a man-made earth, it is closely related to the drama of life.

January 22 (Sunday) 7:30 pm and other broadcast schedule