From Orphans to Freedom


From Orphans to Freedom

One-off Episode: 1x60min and 1x90min
Series: 5x26min or 3x60min

HD or UHD | Aspect ratio 16:9

Ana Luisa Santos and Michael Sanderson

Ateles Films

Current Status:
in Post-Production
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From Orphans To Freedom follows the lives of various exotic animals that are rescued from the illegal pet trade, such as parrots, monkeys, otters, crocodiles, big cats, etc. in a rescue center in Guatemala. It shows the progress of each animal on their return to the wild as well as the daily routines of the staff and volunteers in the rescue center who make it happen. These original stories are told from an intimate perspective that will touch the heart of the viewer.

Delve into the lives of animals that lost everything, except the possibility to be free again!


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