Going Circular

Going Circular

Lenght: 1 x 89 min
Year of Production: 2022

Drone Cinematographer:
Michael Sanderson

Director: Nigel Walk

Off the Fence

Premiere Broadcast:
2022 April 21 (Germany)


Dare to imagine a future where humankind not only survives, but flourishes, by rethinking global paradigms, respecting the limits of our planetary resources, and transforming the modern world. Going Circular unlocks the secrets to an innovative concept called circularity -- an economic system that eliminates waste and saves the planet’s resources. Meet four visionaries from around the world – 102-year-old inventor Dr. James Lovelock, biomimicry biologist Janine Benyus, designer Arthur Huang, and financier John Fullerton – who’ve navigated the environmental, economic, and social crises of our time and discovered that the solutions for creating a circular economy have already been perfected in nature itself.

Each of their stories lead them to a fundamental reassessment of what our food, our cities, our financial system, even our fashion industry could look like if we create, produce, and distribute within Earth's natural boundaries. Through the deeply personal transformation of each visionary profiled, explore the concrete solutions individuals and communities are using to move toward a more circular society based on nature’s universal principles that everything is reused, and nothing goes to waste.

Off the fence Going Circular