Hidden Nature of Holland

Hidden Nature of Holland - Fox and Rabbit: Battle of the Sandy Land

Japanese Title: 知られざるオランダの自然 キツネとウサギ 砂の大地の攻防

Length: 1 x 59 min
Format: UHD
Years of Production: 2020-2021

Ana Luisa Santos
Michael Sanderson

Ateles Films

Co-Production & Client:

2021 September 27* NHK BS4K
2021 September 27* NHK BS Premium
2023 November 17 NHK BS4K
2023 November 17 NHK BS Premium



Hidden Nature of Holland - Fox and Rabbit: Battle of the Sandy Land

The Meijendel Sand Dunes Reserve faces the coast, just 5 kilometers from the Dutch metropolis of the Hague. About 70 years ago, when a reservoir was created by feeding water from the river to supply drinking water to the inhabitants, a diverse environment where sand, greenery and water, where many creatures such as red foxes and rabbits flourished and are nurtured. And it is the European rabbit that supports this unique environment. What exactly does that mean? See the four seasons of life that are moving in the sandy land.

知られざるオランダの自然 キツネとウサギ 砂の大地の攻防


初回放送日: 2021年9月27日

005-WILDDUNES - Adult Roe Deer walking on sand
Wild Dunes for NHK Japan
006-WILDDUNES - Rabbit eating in the Dunes

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