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English Title
Pyrenees Mountains, Spain — Lammergeier, the Bone Crashers, Soar Up High above the Mountains

Years of Production

Produced by Ateles Films (Ana Luisa Santos & Michael Sanderson)

Versions Available
Pyrenees Mountain – 1 x 59mins (NHK Japan)

Broadcast Date
07th August 2017


Pyrenees Mountains stretch between the border of France and Spain. Many of the peaks are over 3000 meters above sea level. Pyrenees host diverse wild mammals such as chamois and marmots as well as variety of birds of prey. Among them, one of the most unique is Lammergeier, or bearded vulture. Lammergeirs pick up bones of dead animals, then thy soar high up in the sky before dropping the bones to crash them against the rocky ground. They feed on bone marrows. They are the only spices of bird in the world that lives almost entirely on the diet of bone marrows. Once they were nearly extinct in Europe, but thanks to the conservation programme in Pyrenees, their numbers are steadily increasing. This episode portrays unique behaviour of Lammergeiers in the grandeur landscape of Pyrenees. ©NHK



ワイルドライフ「スペイン ピレネー山脈 骨を砕く珍鳥ヒゲワシ 天空を舞え!」