The Last Monkey Forest

The Last Monkey Forest

Length: 1 x 90min
Format: UHD/4K
Years of Production: 2022-2024

Directed, produced and filmed:
Ana Luisa Santos
Michael J. Sanderson

Production & Distribution:
Ateles Films

Premiere Broadcasts:

The Last Monkey Forest ©Ateles Films
The Last Monkey Forest ©Ateles Films
The Last Monkey Forest ©Ateles Films


This captivating film delves into the lives of a colony of monkeys nestled within the depths of a pristine primary coastal forest. Witness their remarkable adaptation as they forge alliances with other species, mirroring their behaviours and altering their diets for survival. Amidst disappearing forests, these primates defy extinction through their ingenuity and resilience.

Embark on a journey to the coastal region of West Africa, where a saga unfolds of primate triumph and familial bonds. Meet an elder Old World Monkey and his kin, clinging to the last vestige of their forest habitat. As their world undergoes transformation, the younger generation looks for survival strategies, a poignant testament to their adaptability in the face of human intervention.
Through breathtaking cinematography, audiences are drawn intimately close to these often-overlooked creatures, always relegated to the status of chimpanzee prey. Their inspiring tales of courage and adaptability unfold, captivating hearts with their innate beauty and grace. Prepare to be enthralled by the resilience of these remarkable beings as they navigate a changing world with determination and charisma.


Ateles Films would like to thanks to our sponsor Transcontineta B.V. for providing us the Tamron lenses, the Mindshift Bags and the Zhiyun Weebill 3 Gimbal that we used on this production.

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A 4K version is available for distribution and delivery with original content in 4K+ free of rights worldwide.


This is a wildlife film where all the characters are pure and wild in their behaviour.