“At the jungle animal hospital in Guatemala, the wards are full of exotic patients, many of them orphans rescued from the illegal pet trade. It is the job of a dedicated team of vets to nurse them back to health.” (BBC)

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Michael J. Sanderson – Author
Michael J. Sanderson –  Cameraman
Ana Luisa Santos – Camera Assistant & Special Thanks

Years of Production

Production Company
BBC Studios/Thirteen Productions LLC/WNET

Release Dates

  • United Kingdom: 14 April 2016, BBC 2 – Natural World
  • United States of America: 18 May 2016, PBS – Nature
  • France: 05 June 2017, France 5 (aka “Les vétérinaires de la jungle“)
  • Online: Prime Video, 2021

Film Festival Nominations & Awards

Ateles Films ‘Behind the Scenes’ for Jungle Animal Hospital























*All the footage shot by Ateles Films is in 4K.


Ateles Films would like to clarify:

  1. The original idea for working with ARCAS was to raise awareness of the illegal pet trade and how the “cute” animal videos may have an adverse affect in fueling the illegal pet trade. Spider monkeys, for example, are poached from the wild and sent to people to be pets. ATELES FILMS’s position is that this is damaging to wildlife and species all over the world, and therefore does not support any videos, or any media that seem to promote and fuel keeping exotic pets;
  2. To find out more details about the rehabilitation and the release of the spider monkeys back into the wild watch our documentary Return of the Spider Monkeys
  3. This film is the original idea and concept of Michael Sanderson of Ateles Films.


Ateles Films would like to thanks to  for providing us the   equipment that we used on this production.