Ana Luisa Santos at the Silbersalz Film Festival 2023

Ateles Films’ Ana Luisa Santos attended the 6th SILBERSALZ Science & Media Festival in Halle, Germany, which had a record attendance of 30,000 guests who visited more than 80 Films, talks, exhibitions, performances, participatory actions and events. 

Alongside the festival were various other industry events including the first DC Powerhouse which contained the Progress History Summit and Documentary Campus Masterschool Pitches.

Ana Luisa Santos was invited to moderate the Q&A session after the ARTE film “The Perfect Meal” that counted with the presence of the Director Alexandros Merkouris and the Commission Editor for Arte Thorge Thomsen. 

Both Ana and Michael Sanderson of Ateles Films also served as preliminary judges for the Silbersalz Festival Awards which was held in the beautiful Leopoldina of the German National Academy of Sciences.

Silbersalz 2023 Ateles Films Ana Luisa Santos Moderator
Silbersalz 2023 Ateles Films Ana Luisa Santos
Silbersalz 2023 Ateles Films