American Society of Cinematographers

During the Jackson Wild Summit in Austria, Ana Luisa Santos from Ateles Films undertook the ASC Cinematography Lab as a Fellow together with 8 other colleagues from around the globe and with different kinds of experience and background.
This Lab was a partnership between Jackson Wild, the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) and Wildlife Society of Filmmakers and it was led by Stephen Lighthill, President of the ASC, and Paul Atkins ASC cinematographer.
Paul Atkins and Stephen Lighthill

This was a unique opportunity to be in contact with so talented, inspiring and remarkable human beings.

To Paul and Stephen a huge thanks for the lessons, knowledge and for sharing your great experience!

What a great honour to learn from these incredible legends!

Also a huge thanks to Terry McCarthy, CEO of the American Society of Cinematographers, for all the support and kindness!

Ana Luisa and Stephen Lighthill at the Grand Teton Gala Awards in Jackson Wild
Ana Luisa and Paul Atkins at the Grand Teton Gala Awards in Jackson Wild
Terry McCarthy during the exterior workshop
Our Cinematography group with Cine-D team
Interior lighting workshop.
Paul Atkins during the exterior lighting workshop.
Our Cinematography group with Stephen Lighthill
Our Cinematography group with Stephen Lighthill and Cine-D team
Paul Atkins during the interior lighting workshop.
Paul Atkins during the exterior lighting workshop.
During this lab, a Cine-D team was filming our every move and words during the lessons and workshops.
This lab will be available on the leading online education platform Mzed in a few months!

The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), founded in Hollywood in 1919, is a cultural, educational, and professional organization that is neither a labor union nor a guild. The society was organized to advance the science and art of cinematography and gather a wide range of cinematographers to discuss techniques and ideas and to advocate for motion pictures as a type of art form. Currently, the president of the ASC is Stephen Lighthill.

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