Füchse – Eine wilde Geschichte

Natur Online - Terra Mater Fuchse Eine wilde Geschichte 2020

It is a pleasure to share that our recent film “A WILD FOX LIFE” will be broadcast in Servus TV, Austria !!!

If you are in Austria or you can receive Austrian TV in your country*, tune in for the Premiere broadcast on:

  • Channel: Servus TV
  • Date: 9th September 2020
  • Time: 20h15 – 21h10
  • Austrian title: Füchse – Eine wilde Geschichte
  • Language: narrated in German
  • Narrator: Gregor Seberg

*Servus TV is also received in Germany, Italy and Switzerland! Stay tuned!

Füchse – Eine wilde Geschichte will also repeat on :

  • Channel: Servus TV
    • 9th September: 20h15 – 21h10 (Austria & Germany)
    • 10th September: 09h10 – 10h10 (Germany)
    • 10th September: 10h05 – 10h55 (Austria)
    • 11th September: 14h00 – 14h58 (Germany)
    • 13th September: 17h00 – 18h00 (Germany)
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